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Shumen Foreign Language High School Nicola Jonkov Vaptsarov


About us

Shumen Foreign Language High School Nicola Jonkov Vaptsarov  is one of the first schools

in Bulgaria associated  with UNESCO .

It serves the educational needs of 730 students annually. Fifty-six highly qualified teachers give intensive training in English, German, French and Russian languages as first and second foreign languages to students of grade 8 to 12.Other specialized courses are given to students of grade 11 in Mathematics and free-choice courses to students of grade 12.

The Shumen Foreign Language High School Nicola Jonkov Vaptsarov  has established a partnership with the German  Schulen: Partner der Zukunft".

Our students are given the opportunity to develop and show their skills and knowledge in other extracurricular activities like clubs, projects and free courses in French and German languages ,IT, mathematics ,health and welfare, arts, journalism and European lessons.


Some of the projects which our students work on during the  school year include ‘Open mind for active citizenship’, ’Equalty in difference’,’Enlighted  by one Sun’, Travelling forum’,etc.

It has become a school’s tradition  to organize ‘The day of the languages’ and publishing of the ‘6+’ and ‘Eurolution’ newspapers as well as holding other charity concerts , carnivals, ’The day of self-management ‘and ‘The day of open school gates’


Our students have become  prize-winners in many Olympiads  in Bulgarian literature,IT

and other different national competitions.They successfully become holders of different

language certificates which give them the right to study in overseas universities .

Many of them are awarded stipends from different foundations and universities every year.


The greatest pride of the school were the best results achieved at the national matriculation

examination in  2007-2008 and 2008-2009 school years.


The Shumen Foreign Language High School Nicola Jonkov Vaptsarov  has also been awarded

The European Language Label at the Evaluation Conference organized by Center of Human Resources held on 18 December 2009 .The label   is  an award that encourages new initiatives in the field of teaching and learning languages.

The  project ’Equality in Difference’ carried out under the guidance of the vice-principal of the school Mrs. Paulina Deseva  was nominated for the highest  award in 2009 .